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Thank you for visiting my page, JaimeNacach.com introduces a selection of my business skills and expertise through the use of examples and descriptions of past projects that I've worked on. 

I'm an Individual with international experience in entrepreneurship, business development, marketing, sales, and web/graphic design. My background in management of information systems combined with my work experience as a marketing and sales director, business development manager, and web/graphic designer have provided me with extensive knowledge about what it takes to take a business forward. Among many things, this included building lasting customer relationships, offering excellent customer service, developing new products and marketing them efficiently, and by using technology to automate and improve processes (saving time and money).

Recognized as a leader who is creative, energetic, ambitious, self-motivated, and has a well-developed strategic thinking style. I’m passionate about finding creative ways to make businesses more efficient and productive, preferably by integrating technology or optimizing processes; as well as by interacting with people, whether it’s selling to customers, developing partner relationships, or leading and training staff; and by continuously looking for new improvement strategies and approaches.

As a recent MBA graduate, I’m currently seeking innovative, enriching, and challenging opportunities for further growth and development in an intellectually stimulating environment in business development or strategy consulting for the media, mobile, web and/or technology industries. I invite you to contact me to discuss any help you may require in moving your business forward.

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Jaime Nacach, MBA

Business Development and Marketing Strategist

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