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Online Marketing

Online Marketing - Jaime Nacach. San Diego | Israel | SingaporeAs the Internet and online world evolved, companies and marketers began shifting their focus and budgets to online media, and so did I. Since 2005 I've been exploring the different types of online advertising and digital marketing methods through on-the-job coaching, self-taught learning and experimentation of new technologies and platforms.

Although online marketing is constantly and rapidly changing, I've gained extensive online marketing experience through the multiple forms of e-marketing that I already work with, yet I'm continuously learning and testing new ones as they are born and popularized by the marketing community.

Online marketing experience:

  •  Creating, managing and measuring the results and effectiveness of online marketing campaigns (Including e-mail, SEM, SEO content creation, social media, etc).
  •  Designing complete E-mail marketing campaigns for lead generation and customer retention.
  •  Developing search-engine-marketing (SEM) ads for Google AdWords: Writing, testing, and constantly checking the performance of multiple ADs (12+ campaigns with an average of 5 ad variations)
  •  Managing online advertising accounts and budgets on Google AdWords and Facebook Marketing.
  •  Establishing Facebook marketing strategies. Including the use of Facebook landing page design, sweepstakes, offers & coupons, “Fan Exclusive” content, photo galleries, sign-up forms, etc. Learn More.
  •  Ensuring all online materials link to the correct target, are optimized for slow Internet connections, are spell-checked, and align with company's overall strategy.
  •  Conceptualizing and developing a variety of online mediums; including: static graphics and banners, flash animated banners, retargeting ads, and affiliate system ads.
  •  Designing E-mail marketing templates, newsletters and blasts.
  •  Constructing E-mail auto-responder campaigns and integrating them with CRM and website forms to capture, save, and respond to customers' online activity, requests and feedback.
  •  Sketching, designing and building website landing pages.
  •  Writing product and news press releases for online PR (Public Relations)
  •  Extensive website search engine optimization (SEO) with proven results of higher natural Google ranking for a company's main keywords.
  •  Integrating live chat support services to a website, customizing frequently used responses, training staff how to use chat quickly and efficiently to serve customers.
  •  Integrating and customizing affiliate systems with use with a company's website: Developing marketing materials for affiliates, setting up help documentation, etc.
  •  Setting up and customizing Wordpress blogs.

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Today, having a powerful website and great marketing materials is not enough to compete in the online world. A company must create and nurture a relationship with its exiting and potential clients, while continuously providing them valuable information, tips and solutions to their problems. Rather than focusing on the products or services a company is actually selling, a company must become a "friend" who can genuinely help customers, rather than just a seller trying to make a profit. Thanks to the power of the Internet, today there's lots of ways to engage with customers online, learn about their needs and preferences, and provide a more valuable and effective marketing experience.

Print Marketing

Print Marketing - Jaime Nacach. San Diego | Israel | SingaporeWhen I began my career as a marketeer, it was all based in the classical form of print advertising and marketing. It involves the creation of multiple types of marketing materials that are either sent directly to potential customers (leads) or through advertisements (ADs) in magazines and other printed publications. The purpose is usually to advertise a special promotion, new product or service, or invite people to meet a company at an event or tradeshow.

Print marketing experience:

  •  Creating, managing and measuring the results and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  •  Designing campaigns for lead generation, customer retention and/or to stimulate referrals.
  •  Managing relationships with multiple advertising agencies.
  •  Negotiating advertising rates and contracts with publications and agencies. 
  •  Ensuring all print materials are spell-checked, color proofed, and aligned with company's overall strategy.
  •  Finding new advertising publications and methods (including postcard packs, industry directories, inserts, etc).
  •  Conceptualizing and developing a variety of printed media type; including: brochures, flyers, postcards, direct mail, etc.
  •  Collecting and processing mailed hand-written postcards of prospects who request product information. This includes inputting data into a database, creating new company leads, entering them into the sales funnel, and assigning them to a sales staff for follow up.

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Although maybe not as important as it once was, print marketing is still a critical ingredient in your marketing strategy. Brochures, flyers, product catalogs, direct mail, product packaging, etc., play a vital role in communicating your brand and your products and services to new and existing customers.

Tradeshows & Conferences

Marketing tradeTradeshows and conferences are still an integral part of how many companies around the world promote their business, ideas, products and services. In fact, for many organizations these live events are the only physical place to meet customers face-to-face. Trade shows attract 100's to 1,000's of people to gather around a common interest or industry to learn about, promote, buy and sell products and services. For over five years I've been involved in the planning, pre/post show marketing, and on-site promotion of 3 to 5 tradeshows per year.

Tradeshows & conferences experience:

Organization & Marketing

  •  Organizing all marketing related activities for a successful tradeshow:
  •  Designing special marketing materials to promote the attendance of the company to the tradeshow. This includes designing tradeshow specific flyers and promotions, online banners, price lists, brochures packages, postcards, E-mail blasts, online specials, and more.
  •  Advertising the special deals and promotions through industry-specific e-mail blasts, trade publications, postcard packs, the tradeshow's online portal, and through internal e-mail campaigns.
  •  Managing relationships and specials offers and pricing through key product distributors.
  •  Coordinating with the internal shipping department to ensure everything needed for the tradeshow is ready for packing. This includes choosing which products and services to showcase and promote, which products to pack, providing the adequate marketing and branding materials, ensuring all booth's modules and equipment is in working conditions, etc.
  •  Ensuring all printed materials contain accurate information and are printed and shipped on time.

Product Promotion & Sales

  •  Selling and promoting products face-to-face.
  •  Addressing potential customers with a smile, giving one-on-one live demonstrations of how a product works, best practices, tips, etc.
  •  "Working the booth": Greeting people who pass by the booth, answer people's questions, actively promote products and services by inviting people to enter the booth to test products.
  •  Building and setting up tradeshow booths and displays.

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