About Me - Who Am I
You’ve probably never met me, so the first step is to get to know each other to build the first step to gain your trust. First of all, you should know that I’m a pretty upfront, transparent, and generally positive person who genuinely loves to help people to grow their companies and turn them into truly agile businesses that can be future-proof – to help them stay or become truly competitive in their industry niche.


So what do you need to know about me? First things first…I’m a doer, an entrepreneur with a very strong work ethic. I love to analyze things, understand them at a deep level, create plans of action, organize things into small easy-to-follow steps, and love the privilege of being able to be a leader. Constant improvement and taking action is something I work hard to always keep as a top priority in my life.  Naturally as an Entrepreneur, I work work very hard, I’m constantly thinking of new ideas and how to innovate and improve things. I love working as a night owl late into the night – these are the best hours usually for me to focus on any important task at hand – when there are zero interruptions from the daily hustle.


I’m a marketing strategist and mentor with a huge passion for technology, an early adopter of web-based software, and someone who’s always looking for the fastest – yet also highest-quality method for completing a goal in the most effective way.  I’m always looking for solutions to transform and optimize almost any business workflow I’m presented with – whether it’s my client’s or my own. In most instances my goal is to save time and money by helping existing resources to focus on growth-driven strategies that eliminate having to do repetitive tasks while delegating time-consuming tasks to others.


My colleagues and clients see me as an expert on software automation and staff outsourcing, and have expressed they enjoy the high-energy and passion that I transmit while giving a presentation.  As DigitalMarketer.com certified marketer, and tech-savvy mentor, I help entrepreneurs, and business owners or professionals to define new, modern-era digital business processes, teach and train them on the best systems and tools to integrate with, and transform their companies to become agile business that are more competitive and can attract more of their ideal clients. I am also a communicator and I pretty much tell it like it is (a nice way to say this is that I’m “blunt”).


In the past, I’ve held positions as a web designer, graphic designer, sales associate, online marketer, support rep, web development manager,  marketing manage, project manager, and most recently marketing strategist at Bloominari – the marketing agency I founded a few years ago.


Making a difference in the lives of everyone with whom I come into contact is what drives me, and my best days are the ones where someone has a that “aha” moment where everything clicks in their mind – and their business – and they  truly understand and value the benefits of building and operating an agile business that gives them a competitive edge. When someone shares with me an insight they’ve gained, a trick they’ve discovered to do something more efficiently, or implemented a new process to save more time  I get excited and know that I made a difference in their lives and businesses.